Team Group: Graduate Students

Research assistant and Computer Engineering Master's Student at University of Santiago, Chile. Currently working in his Master's Thesis along with PhD. Simón Cassassus, PhD. Pablo Román and PhD. Fernando Rannou reconstructing ALMA radiotelescope images with GPU. Interested in real-time distributed systems, big-data processing, parallel and high performance systems and its application in science. Current Activities: Database Workshop Assistant at University of Santiago, Chile Operating Systems Part-Time Lecturer at University of Santiago, Chile Research Areas: Parallel Programming Astrophysical Computation GPU Programming  

Miguel Cárcamo

    Computer Civil Engineer, with over 3 years experience in web application development and standalone applications. Currently studying for his Computer Engineering Master's Degree at University of Santiago, Chile. Fan of technology and application development. Interested in investigating and resolving problems related to applications for mass use, learn new programming languages and creating friendly, scalable and quality applications.   Research Areas: GPU Computing Parallel Computing High Performance Computing

Felipe González

Computer Engineer with a Master's degree from the University of Santiago, Chile. Master thesis was about implementing a parallel Monte Carlo simulation of the Heisenberg spin model that includes long range interactions using different parallel methods/technologies such as GPGPU, parallelization with OpenMP and SIMD instructions. Interested in high performance computing applied to scientific problems and fields related to artificial intelligence. Current Activities: Fundamentals of Computing and Programing Part time Lecturer at the University of Santiago, Chile. Software Developer as a dependent […]

Sebastián Vizcay